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"With smarts and heart, Kate quickly dove in to support the newly-formed WHO Foundation, developing a cogent narrative showcasing our objectives, priorities, and the unique opportunities we provide to reshape the global health ecosystem. Working across the foundation and with partners including the World Health Organization, Kate led as a reliable, resourceful, and committed writer, crafting our communication with dedication, thoughtfulness, and care, while also developing relationships and structures to strengthen our growth.” — WHO Foundation CEO Anil Soni

"We offer deep thanks to Kate Karius for her dedicated guidance, persistence, and skill in bringing the book Power and Care to life. Her work as a thoughtful researcher, writer, and editor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the contributors' texts proved vital to its successful completion.” — Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist Monk,  and Tania Singer, Neuroscientist


"Kate’s interpersonal and professional written communication abilities will be an asset to any organisation looking for a senior writer or a consultant who is capable of taking on important written communication projects that require advanced critical/conceptual thinking, discretion, and senior project management skills. Kate is able to seamlessly lead projects from their inception to their completion with great autonomy, dedication, diplomacy, and care." — AO Foundation ​

"I have experienced Kate as a highly skilled and committed writer, who excelled both in research and editorial competences, while managing an entire book production project in a timely fashion, working largely independently, and coordinating well with many different stakeholders in the process. I can highly recommend her." — Mind and Life Europe

"Kate is an unusually smart, dedicated, and creative woman with many talents. Since 2013, she has assisted me as a literary assistant with various professional tasks and book projects, including serving as a first reader for the book The Human Age, conducting interviews, and designing, building, and maintaining a website and social media channels. I continue to find her a deeply caring and thoughtful person, as well as a highly dependable one, who is hard-working and engaging, and who would be a welcome addition in any setting." — New York Times bestselling author and columnist Diane Ackerman

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