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Communications Content Development

• Journalistic and narrative content, from article to book length

• Corporate Handbooks

• Quarterly and Annual Reports

• Newsletters

• Brochures

• Company magazines

• Articles

• Interviews

• Corporate websites

• Financial content, covering Products & Services, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Retail Banking, Annual Reporting, Sustainability, and HR

Marketing and Branding Content Development

• Tone of Voice

• Brand Narratives

• Mission, Vision, and Values

• Corporate Editorial Style Guides

• CI/CD development

• Serving as Corporate Internal Language Specialist

Media Relations Content

• Press Releases

• Talking Points

• Serving as a company spokesperson

• Building networks with agencies

• Setting up interviews/press conferences

Digital Communication (Video, Social Media, Web)

• Video script writing and moderation

• Video production and stakeholder management

• Crafting content for blogs and social media channels. Certified in Digital Media

• Copy development and structures for websites. Certified in Web Design

• SEO Development

Special Communications / Internal Documentation

• Pandemic Preparedness and Response communications

• Crisis Communications

• Technical documentation writing on various topics, to inform and educate


Project Coordination

• Compiling content from diverse stakeholders

• Managing complex sign-off processes

• Senior project management skills

• Established relationships and experience in working with agencies and     
graphic designers

Large-Scale Projects

• Handling book projects with multiple stakeholders

• Managing handbook and annual report content

• Planning large-scale events and communication-related projects


Communication Training

• Developing and Teaching workshops on Effective Written Communication

• Educating on clear business communication principles and writing structures including the MINTO Principle, AIDCA, and the Inverted Pyramid, among others

• Teaching on creating content for online reading and social media channels

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