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Kate Karius partners with luminaries and mission-driven organisations in bringing their written messages out into the world so it can become a healthier, happier place. Her diverse client base includes CEOs, Nobel Laureates, spiritual leaders, world-leading researchers, global health initiatives, and New York Times bestsellers; often working on content that focuses around the Sustainable Development Goals, health, science, and the natural world. 

A Master's Degree in Nonfiction Writing, along with her conceptual, project management, analytical, creative, and communication skills enables Kate to craft clear, informed, and engaging content from article to book length, across a variety of mediums (online and print).

Advanced degree studies in Health and Wellbeing bolster Kate's knowledge, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities (concentrating in Anthropology, History, and Fine Arts), an additional Visual Fine Arts degree, and professional informatics certificates in Web Design and Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO, and Social Media). 


- Global Health
- Economics and society
- Ethology, anthropology, and ecology
- Psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience
- Spiritual and religious traditions
- Global responsibility


European* by blood, American by birth, and Swiss by residence provides Kate the distinctive ability to create content with a global perspective that connects with a wide range of audiences. 

*Mostly, in addition to being Western Asian and North African.

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